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Art & Tales in Progress… in Campobasso

From 24 to 29 March, the first meeting of the Erasmus + Art & Tales in Progress project has been held in Campobasso (Molise, Italy). The project aims to foster students’ artistic and literary skills focusing on myths and legends present in the European artistic and literary heritage.

This project is participated by schools from Campobasso (Italy), Vratsa (Bulgaria), Arad (Romania), Pécs (Hungary) y Salzburgo (Austria), besides ours. It also take part the Nemila Secondary School, in association with the Austrian school.

Our team consisted of the students Soundous Amrani, Fatima Coly, Salma El Moutchou (all of 4th ESO B) and Mónica Rodríguez (1st BCH B), accompanied by professors M.ª José Herreros and Antonio Luis Pelegrín.

Given the circumstances imposed by transport needs to get to Campobasso, the departure from Almeria was made on Saturday 23th, arriving in Campobasso, after having spent the night in Madrid, on Sunday 24th, well into the night. These circumstances also allowed enjoying a few hours in Rome and visiting some of the most representative monuments of the baroque period in the city.

On Monday, March 25th, the meeting began with icebreaker activities and the formation of work groups composed of combined students from different countries. In the afternoon, we visited the historical center of Campobasso and its most significant monuments, ending the visit in the castle that dominates the city and the surrounding valley.

On Tuesday, the activities focused on the Sannitico Museum, where we could learn the history of the Samnites, ancient inhabitants of the area of ​​the Molise region, whose capital is Campobasso, as well as its culture and myths. In addition to the guided tour of the museum, the students had the opportunity to take part in a workshop to restore archaeological pieces, becoming familiar with the basic techniques of cleaning and conservation.

On Wednesday, we visited the archaeological site of Altilia, near Campobasso, where we had a guided tour of the ancient Roman city, which preserves large sections of the walls, remains of the forum and urban layout (cardo and decumanus), besides the theater, where the students had the opportunity to present myths and legends typical of their countries of origin. Our students presented the myth of the Pillars of Hercules, reproduced symbolically in the crest of Andalusia.

On Thursday, March 28th, the activities focused on the Artistic School G. Manzú, the host of our meeting. In addition to knowing the facilities of the school, the work teams participated in modeling, fashion design, making comics, 3D printing and video workshops.

Transportation needs forced the cancellation of activities scheduled for Friday, March 29th, as the participating teams had to start their return trips early in the morning. This allowed our team to enjoy again a few hours in Rome and visit, on this occasion, the remains of imperial Rome, Colosseum included.

The arrival in Almería was at 06:30 in the morning of Saturday, March 30th.

We must emphasize the good work environment and camaraderie among the different national teams, especially with regard to the students. Our students stood out for their participation and initiative, both in the tasks of the project and in the moments of coexistence, showing a high competence in communicative and social skills.

The next activity of the project will be held in our school, from May 20th to 24th. We invite you to participate in the preparation and development of this meeting, showing once again our capacity for hospitality and welcome.


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