Mobility in Dobrich (Bulgaria), Erasmus+ project

From the 17th to the 23rd of March, two teachers (Milagros Fernández and Manuel Jesús García) and three students (Mª Ángeles García, Nerea Gázquez and Gabriel Petkov) from IES Villa de Vícar travelled to Dobrich (Bulgaria) to represent our school in the first mobility of the Erasmus + European project "Human Impact on Coastal Ecosystems". This project, which will take two academic years, is an environmental education project that pretends to make the students aware of the need to protect and conserve coastal ecosystems, through the study of the services they provide.

Our partners in this project are schools from Portugal, Italy, Greece, Latvia and Bulgaria, countries greatly concerned with the conservation of their coastal reserves. Additionally to the scientific learning, this European project gives the students a great opportunity to get to know other cultures and lifestyles, thus contributing to the integral education of our students.

We are already preparing the activities for the next mobility in Mascalucia (Italy), between May 5th and 11th. Shortly after we will tell you about our experience. 

During the days of the stay in Bulgaria, the students participated in a set of activities organized by the host country, among which we can highlight the following:

Monday March 18.

  • Reception and welcome to the Veterinary Secondary School of Dobrich.
  • Presentation of the participating centers and their coastal ecosystems.
  • Guided tour in the school.
  • Choice of the logo of the European project. Finally, a jury composed of teachers from the different countries unanimously chose the logo of our student Adrián Munuera. Congratulations!!
  • Workshop-contest: What do you know about the Black Sea?

Tuesday, March 19

  • Visit the "Green Center" of Shabla, where we learned about the biodiversity of this region near the Black Sea. Afterwards, we were able to enjoy a bird-watching in Lake Durankulak.
  • Visit Cape Kaliakra, one of the most emblematic in Europe.

Wednesday, March 20.

  • Workshop: "Dark secrets of the marine world". Game to enhance awareness in the students of the waste that humans leave in the marine ecosystems.
  • Visit the Botanical Garden of Balchik and the Baltata nature reserve.

Thursday, March 21

  • Visit to Varna, the second most important city of Bulgaria after Sofia.
  • Boat trip on the Kamchia River.

Friday, March 22.

  • Craft workshop, in which the students of the project could interact and have a good time with some special needs students.
  • Folklore show (dances and songs) typical Bulgarian.
  • Visit to Dobrich.
  • Dinner and farewell party.

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